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Denaturing sonicated DNA

  • Denaturing DNA by heat shock for 10mins in a 95C heat block
  • Adding 5ul of OG dye

Running both denatured and sonicated samples on gel

  • For just the sonication samples 1-6, 5ul of OG and 10ul of sterile water was added to 5ul of DNA.
  • 5ul of 1kb ladder was used for 3 wells each.

Igem denatured son 190813.jpg

  • The last 6 wells after ladder are the denatured DNA samples.
    • We were expecting to see fragmentation for the denatured samples.
    • There is no significant difference in between the sonicated samples and the sonicated and denatured ones.
    • There is a slight decrease in bands depending on the sonication time interval.
  • Suggestions are to use ultra-sonification to view the effects focused just on the sample.