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Running DNA from purified gel

Igem pur gel 270813.jpeg

Lanes are as follows: 1kb ladder, samples 1+2, samples 3+4, 1kb ladder

Sent samples for sequencing

SEnt sample to PNACL to be sequenced

First trial of polystyrene combustion with DNA

  • Tested with DNA covered strips and non DNA covered strips
  • Tested with 1, 2, 3, 6 strips at a time.
  • Burned with bunsen burner against a ruler to measure rate
  • +DNA burned with yellow flame, black smoke and left carbon residue
  • -DNA appeared to melt with into the more compact form of polystyrene and flame did not catch
  • Experiment is being redesigned to improve it as results were not as expected

SANYO089.jpeg SANYO088.jpeg

Shown here, the remains of the polystyrene strips. The +DNA strip is charred and the -DNA strip is melted and only a bit black