Exeter/10 July 2013

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Exeter iGEM 2013 · Paint by Coli


- BBa_K322122 (cyan pigment) comes with the machinery to produce our pigment, albeit in low concentrations. 1 ml of the BBa_K322122 liquid cultures from yesterday were transferred to eppendorf tubes and span down into a pellet at 13000 rpm for 5 minutes. All pellets were white, meaning further investigation is required to produce a colour.

MiniPrep of the following Parts:

- BBa_K322122, cyan pigment

- BBa_K592012, magenta pigment

- BBa_K592010, yellow pigment

Plasmids extracted are now in storage at -20°C.


Liquid cultures of the blue light module and magenta pigment

- BBa_K592010, yellow pigment

- BBa_K592012, magenta pigment

- BBa_B0015, a terminator

- BBa_K592005, FixJ protein intermediate

- BBa_K592004, blue light sensor

Retry of BBa_B0034 transformation

Normal transformation protocol from 4/7/13 followed. Made certain we were using the right antibiotic plates!

(Next day, results of BBa_B0034 transformation)

We made two plates of BBa_B0034, each plate had 7 colonies. Our RFP control had 137 colonies.

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Exeter iGEM 2013 · Paint by Coli