Exeter/7 August 2013

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Exeter iGEM 2013 · Paint by Coli

Glycerol stocks

  • 200ul of glycerol and 200ul of our overnight liquid cultures into labelled eppendorfs.
  • Store at -80 degrees celsius
  • Stocks made of: NEB1, Promotor + RBS, NEB4, Cyan, RBS+Cph8, Magenta, B0015, B0034, RFP control, NEB3, Yellow

We miniprepped:

  • 3 NEB (RFP and Terminator) AMP
  • NEB4 (RBS and cph8) AMP
  • NEB1 (RBS and cph8) AMP

Adam and Tom

Digested ligations from Tuesday out of plasmid and ran on a gel ( but used the wrong ladder! Hyper Ladder 2 and ran off the end of the gel)

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Exeter iGEM 2013 · Paint by Coli