The Dueber Lab hosted iGEM once again this year. We used many of the lab resources including the Golden Gate synthesis automation, Golden Gate parts and connectors, and Golden Gate backbones. The E. Coli promoters we used were cloned into the Golden Gate format by our team. All genes were either PCRed from Dueber Lab DNA templates, or synthesized via gene synthesis. In one instance, a template for the GT oleD came from the Anderson Lab from which we then created our own mutants for in vitro screening.

We used NCBI to locate many homologous GTs to test for activity on indoxyl. Indeed, extensive literature searches through tools such as NCBI and Uniprot allowed us to find the primary enzymes in our pathway, FMO, Glu, and GT. Cloning for both in vivo and in vitro testing was completed in full by our iGEM team. Specific use of analysis machinery such as LC-MS, HPLC, or stereomicroscope was supervised by iGEM team mentor Zach.

This Wiki drew inspiration (and basic code) from Berkeley’s 2012 and 2011 teams (2011, and 2012). Our logo, Blue Genes, was designed by Leticia Cervantes, sister of fellow team member Bernardo. Unless cited, all other materials were designed by us.

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