To live the spirit of iGEM our team collaborated with other teams.

Team Heidelberg

When we introduced Gibson cloning in our team we were facing quite some challenges but after several months of optimizing protocol and reagents and doing refinements we succeeded easily to have positive colonies carrying correctly assembled plasmids. We wanted to pass this laborious achievement and knowledge on to other iGEM teams. To help team Heidelberg establishing Gibson cloning for their project we decided to visit their laboratory.

For team Heidelberg it was very important to get Gibson cloning running as soon as possible. Their constructs are quite complex and time was running short. To demonstrate Gibson cloning we brought along a reporter plasmid of our project. This reporter plasmid consists of four parts: the backbone pBS1C3, a CMV promoter, an avGFP and a BGH terminator. Together we calculated the amounts of DNA fragments needed the Gibson reaction and pipetted the mix. After revealing some tricks and myths the Heidelberg iGEMs were able to yield E. coli carrying the reporter plasmid. To verify the functionality of the construct they checked for fluorescence and were happy to see green color.

To top this collaboration off Team Heidelberg provided a CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) cell line, which we could manipulate by our uniCAS toolkit.

Besides spending time in their iGEM lab we were shown around on campus and in the city of Heidelberg. Finally, we all enjoyed a fabulous dinner in the heart of the historic city center.

Team Norwich

To help the iGEM team of Norwich we also cooperated with this team. Therefore we collected soil in the garden of one of our team members. We sent 15 g soil to NRP-UEA-Norwich, which they want to screen for novel antimycins.
By sending them probes we hope to support this team to successfully conduct their iGEM project.

The TU München iGEM Team in Freiburg

During summer time iGEM team München has been several times in Freiburg to work in the lab of Prof. Dr. Reski at their Physcofilter-Project. Using the opportunity, we swapped ideas on our iGEM projects, sponsoring and human practice and organized a big barbecue.

German Teams - BMBF congress in Berlin

On June 27th the german iGEM teams were invited to the "Biotechnology 2020+ conference" in Berlin by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The aim of this conference was to discuss questions about the future of biotechnology. Therefore experts in the fields of economy, politics and academia came together to present their ideas in discussion rounds and workshops.

Three members of our team participated in the congress and presented our project in a poster presentation and discussion. We had a great exchange with other iGEM teams and with experts from academia and industry.

Together with other iGEM teams we planned a German iGEM day which took place at September 7th in Freiburg, Bielefeld, Marburg, Munich, Bonn and Tübingen.

German Teams - Synbio Day

In cooperation with other German iGEM teams we organized an information day about synthetic biology.
Every team arranged a telling attraction in order to give some insights in synthetic biology, the team project and iGEM. Besides our team Bielefeld, Marbug, Munich, Bonn and Tübingen participated on this day. You can read more about it on our Human Practice page .