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Synbiologica Ltd

Offerings and Exit

Synbiologica is seeking funding that will be primarily directed towards research and development of BEAR, initial marketing of BEAR and networking.

Funds specifically used for research and development will be used to purchase and maintain laboratory equipment, purchase the necessary chemicals and reagents and hire laboratory technicians to assist in the development and testing of a viable prototype.

Investment money will be used to register for and travel to conferences and workshops the team will attend in order to develop our knowledge of business and the biotechnology and synthetic biology industries. This is important so the Synbiologica team can learn how to better integrate science with industry. These funds will also assist in travel to different research institutions when Synbiologica Ltd first begins to demonstrate the uses of BEAR to hormone researchers.

Synbiologica Ltd plans to spend 24 months in research and development as a viable prototype of BEAR is designed and patented. The company plans to rely on government grants and initial investment to fund this portion of the business’ development.

Synbiologica eventually plans to sell BEAR to one of the biotechnology companies to whom it had been licensed out. Profit from selling the product will be used to pay early investors, pay members of Synbiologica, and set aside as initial funding for Synbiologica’s future projects. At this point, Synbiologica cannot predict how much money BEAR will be sold for and how much money early investors will make back. The company needs to confer with people more experience with financials in order to accurately make these predictions. As BEAR expands to different possible assays it creates a current challenge in projecting the final value of the product and there for worth upon selling to investors.