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We didn't spend all our summer inside the Centre for Bacterial and Cell Biology, we also considered our project and iGEM in a wider context.

We took time to connect to as many people as possible:

  1. We designed a BioGame to entertain and inform young biologists about synthetic biology.
  2. At the iGEM U.K. meet up (YSB 1.0) we gave a presentation and presented a poster about BareCillus.
  3. At YSB 1.0 we gave a presentation about rule-based modelling and the software BioNetGen to the other U.K teams. Team Leeds went on to use BioNetGen some for their modelling.
  4. We held an architecture and synthetic biology workshop with architecture students to explore the relationships between the two fields and how they may interact in the future.
  5. We took time to consider and document the safety, moral and legal aspects of synthetic biology and BareCillus.
  6. We compared the methods used in the fields of architecture and synthetic biology and explored how synthetic biology may impact on architecture.

Barecillus PEALS.JPG Barecillus PEALS2.JPG

The team discussing our projects safety with Professor Janice McLaughlin from PEALS.

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