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YSB 1.0 Conference


In the early morning of the 12th of July, the BareCillus team traveled south to the University College London for the first Young Synthetic Biologists Conference, aimed specifically at iGEM teams from all competitions (Undergraduate, High-school, Post-graduate etc). The conference was attended by 16 teams all in all, and was spread across two days, consisting of presentations, workshops and poster demonstrations. The weekend was to prove an incredible early iGEM experience, providing the whole team with the chance to practice presentation skills, as well as gaining invaluable feedback on the project ideas and poster. It also provided an opportunity to test out the Modelling Workshop that has been developed as part of a scheme to interest and involve people in Synthetic Biology.


As part of the weekend, the team gave a presentation on their project aims, constructs and models. Below is a downloadable copy of the slides of the presentation being given by Isabelle McLaren, Rob McKiernan, Vincent Leonardo and Matthew Law.

A downloadable version can be found here.


Another part of the weekend provided teams a space to hang a poster detailing points of their projects. Other teams were then encouraged to place postit notes on the posters giving opinions, questions and requests for collaboration.

Below is a lower-resolution image of the poster taken to UCL by the team.

BareCillus UCL Poster.jpg

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