With the support of School of Bioscience and Bioengineering, we established the team called IGEM-SCUT and this is our first year to participate in IGEM. Without rich experience, we explored in the dark. Our achievements are hard won and soaked with perspiration of every teammate.


Producing Sensing
Instructors Advisors

SCUT Family





Liao Xihao
Xihao Liao, a senior, the leader of our team, is in charge of team routines, such as, holding a meeting, arranging activity and keeping team collaborating efficiently. He is also responsible for Olfactory Receptor part and helps SYSU IGEM team to express Bax, an apoptosis protein. What he always does is to send messages to us, to remind us to get up and sleep early almost everyday, when to have a meeting and so on. He enjoys his life and what he is doing. He loves sports and often arranges some sports exercise on Friday in order to relax ourselves.

Wang Yicong
Yicong is junior majoring in bioengineering. She is in charge of the oscillating odorant. She is a very S.M.A.R.T girl. S for special, you can recognize her at the first sight because she is extrovert and outstanding. M for motivation,she devote all her love to biology. A for ability, she enriches herself constantly and broadens her horizon in biology. R for reliable, she is punctual and always finish the mission in time. T for team, Yicong is the ‘ financial manager ’ in our team so we call her papa chong as her nickname. She is the perfect girl in Team SCUT.

Chen Rui
She is a junior majoring in bioengineering, lively, sanguine and warm-hearted are bywords of hers. This year, she cooperate with Yicong Wang to accomplish the oscillating odorant part, performing particularly outstanding in obtaining the strains we need. Bacteria baby is the nickname she give to our strains which shows her great love and care to the strains. Rui Chen is the indispensable girl in Team SCUT.

Yan Zewei
Zewei, senior, is in charge of the design of our wiki, poster and team uniform. Also, he is one of the members of oscillating odorant. When you get into our lab, you can always see him sitting in front of his computer and using AI, PS to design. During his spare time, he enjoy reading, designing and learning new things.

Li Zhiwei
Zhiwei, a junior of bioengineering, is responsible for the group of Modeling. He is the head of Modeling and also the only member in this group. He learns modeling by himself. We all call him ‘Huahua’, meaning flowers in English. Maybe you will think he is a little shy, but in fact he is conscientious and gentlemen.

Kuang Junqi
Junqi Kuang, a junior majoring in biotechnology, is making efforts to become an outstanding man. ‘Junqi’ means handsome penguin in Chinese, from his nickname, we can feel his humor and sanguine. In Team SCUT, he is in charge of Odorant Sensing, being so reliable, patient and excellent. What’s more, he spent the whole summer vacation in laboratory which is so devoted and admirable. In his mind, biology is not only his wife, but also his life.

Du Yaqin
Yaqin Du is a sophomore at SCUT studing Biotechnology with a minor in Computer Science And Technology. She was interested in disease research, but currently she is especially excited by synthetic biology and her passion for synthetic biology led her to iGEM. Now in the team she is part of RECEPTOR, woking at gene knockout of the S.cerevisiae. During her free time , she loves fluting, plays volleyball and enjoys quietness sometimes.

Chen Yiding
Yiding , a cheery enthusiastic and self-confident boy with full passion for his life of biopharmaceutics , is the first time partaking in biology research. As a freshman, he had not known how beautiful the world of biology could be until he joined in the igem team of SCUT. Through the whole year in the igem team , he have learnt many precious things. In addition to be the assistant of our team leader, he also belongs to the student union and the Badminton Association of our school. And what he is glad to do is to share his ideas and make friends with you.

Wang Yuying
Yuying, a optimistic girl of bioengineering, is in charge of Human Practise. She is full of love and loves taking care of animals. She belongs to student union of our school and is willing to offer help to freshman.

Chen Yanzhi
Yanzhi, our co-constructor of WIKI, is a student from computer science & engineering. We found him at a dark, wet corner in a lab while he was coding on a website! Now, he is serving as an intern of Ericsson, developing web application & business software. In his spare time, he enioys animation and playing guitar.

Chen Xuenian
Xuenian, sophomore, is also a desigener of our team. What you see in the wiki is all Xuenian, Zewei and Yanzhi’s common efforts. Besides, he have made the achievement of quantitative of detection and analysis Diacetyl. For deeply loved the nature world, he walk on the biology road. How stylish was his handwriting, the same as the back of his running with enthusiasm. No big deal, just a silent boy.

Wu Yuhang
She was a freshman and the first time partaking in biology research. Without any professional knowledge, she learned by herself. Through following her predecessors, the past summer she has learnt vast of synthetic biology. Yuhang belongs to Producing while she is in charge of writing NOTEBOOK & TEAM as well as the design of flyer. She loves music and plays the guzheng, a Chinese traditional instrument.


Pan Li
Dr. PAN is engaged in fermentation engineering and industrial microbiology. His main research subject is Industrial filamentous fungi(Aspergillus oryzae). He uses transcriptional genomics, proteomics and modern molecular biology approaches to study and analyze the specific physiological nature in the molecular level, especially the molecular mechanism of protein excretion, such as Endoplasmic Reticulum stress response, Glycosylation and Heterologous protein expression in the filamentous fungi.

Zhang Junjie
Junjie zhang just finished his bachelor of bioengineering at SCUT and of bioinformatics at BGI. Now, he starts his Master, majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, at SCUT. His role in team is charging in project design, the technology support and the team routine cooperating with Xihao liao, including giving new technology presentation, organizing weekly SCUT-IGEM meeting and keeping track of what everybody is doing, etc.
He was born in Guangdong province of china, love life, love science and would like to challenge himself such as long-distance running and climbing.

Gong Jun
Gong just graduated from his college SCUT and now work for BGI.
He is a crazy SBer. This year, he will lead two BGI’s teams and be responsible for their whole project’s design and implementation.

Ou Min
She is our modeling instructor. Like Junjie, she finished her bachelor and now continue learning in HKU. She has joined the IGEM team of Shenzhen last year.

Zhang Li
She is a PhD of our school. Because our team are mainly composed of sophomores who are lacked of experiment’s experience. So under Li’s guidance ,our project runs smoothly.


Lin Ying

Wang Jufang