“ The time is infinitely long, and every day a vessel into which to pour a lot of leaves ”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (german poet and author,1749-1832)

Within our project a common thread in each field was irrevocable a "must have". To show you our pass through the jungle of data, proceeded lab days and external activities the following overview sums up our basic points chronologically.

  • lab actions
  • general actions
  • external actions

Table 1: temporal overview of our important project's aspects
Date Action
12/18/12 Roadshow of iGEM for all interested parties
01/10/13 Presenting of project ideas of interested parties
01/15/13 Fixed application deadline for getting a team member
01/31/13 Official defined the advisor and instructors
02/26/13-02/27/13 Choice for define the team members of iGEM team 2013
03/08/13 Decision of the project and starting Research
03/21/13 Start of the sponsoring help: Geneious (licences) and Eurofins (sequencing reactions and synthesized oligonucleotides)
03/25/13 Start of one of our introduction lesson: Handling bioinformatic tools
04/03/13 Lab and security introduction,our first lab day
Collaboration with Mc Master University Canada to get EreB ( Dr. Gerard D. Wright)
04/07/13 Preparing first batch of competent cells
04/09/13 First team member foto
04/10/13 Performing of iGEM registration
04/11/13 Visit of the Helmholtz Center Munich: Talk with Prof. Helmreich (chair of groundwater ecology)
04/12/13 Visit of TU Munich: Talk with Prof. Schwechheimer about transmembrane domains and kill switch (chair of system biology of plants)
04/22/13 First Transformation act in the lab
04/24/13 Official meeting of the lab groups of the chair “biological chemistry” from Prof. Skerra
04/27/13 Preparing of a manifold for compressed air for the grow of our moss in liquid culture
04/29/13 Visit of Helmholtz Center Munich: Talk with Dr. Griebler about our modeling system (chair of groundwater ecology)
05/03/13 Arrival of the Biobricks and gene syntheses
05/10/13 First QuikChange
05/28/13 Participation on the "cognition of chances" of UnternehmerTUM for analysis of our technology "PhyscoFilter" with the Business Model Canvas
06/06/13 Finish of the reactor's display
06/12/13 Visit of TUM: Lecture and talk with Prof. Dr. Herrmann(president of the TUM)
06/25/13 Visit of the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig: Talk with Dr. Kuschk and Dr. Müller

Arrival of the BioBrick of our collaboration Dundee iGEM team 2013

06/26/13 Participation on the 4th Water Research Horizon Conference “Water Scarcity and Global change” in Berlin
06/27/13 Participation on the Conference “biotechnology 2020+” in Berlin

Skypen with iGEM Paris-Saclay team 2013

06/28/13 Send Uppsala University iGEM the genes PAL, 4CL and CHS
07/18/13 Visit of Mrs. Wankerl from the press office WZW
08/04/13 Finish of our as a device to test the functionality of our moss filter
08/11/13 Finish of the expression construct: Promotor-MCS-Terminator
08/14/13 First transfection in Freiburg
08/17/13 Preparing of hundreds of vials with Knop media
08/19/13 Second transfection in Freiburg
08/21/13 First sampling of the Isar water
08/22/13 Outfit shopping
08/27/13 Sampling of liquid manure
08/29/13 Visit of TUM: Talk with Prof. Rost (chair of Bioinformatic)
08/30/13 Visit of the iGEM team Freiburg 2013
09/06/13 First microscopy action

Start with experiments

09/07/13 iGEM day: Informing and presenting about green biotechnology and our project the public in the city of Freising
09/12/13 Fotoshooting day
09/19/13 Finish of the protein purification of EreB and Laccase

Sending of the biobricks

09/21/13 Start of video turning operations
09/24/13 Our last sequencing process
09/29/13 Presenting our project in the German museum Munich by the help of Mrs. Kemper
09/30/13 First LCMS-test of our transgenic moss
10/01/13 Visit of Mrs. Schmude from “Deutschlandfunk”
Testing of the Arduino
10/04/13 European Wiki Freeze
10/12/13 European Jamboree: presentation and poster session
10/13/13 European Jamboree award: "best wiki" special price, second place of all European undergrad teams
10/15/13 Start with experimental work
Leading more expert interviews
10/25/13 Speech at the GoBiochem Team from TU Munich
10/25/13 Discussion of our Project with Dr. Christoph Then from Testbiotech
10/29/13 World Championship Jamboree:Freeze
10/29/13 Filming with the BR
11/3/13 World Championship Jamboree: presentation and poster session
11/4/13 World Championship Jamboree award