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Collaboration and team work

Collaboration with CIDEB-UANL Team

We conducted a training workshop to get team CIDEB-UANL ready for the [ IGEM HSD 2012] and [ IGEM HSD 2013]. They did great! They came 2nd runner up in the competition and were awarded with best model and honorable mention for best presentation. This year, we continued mentoring them, and we are very proud to say they were again finalists, and ended 2nd runner up!

Collaboration with National Polytechnic Institute

First of all, we attended to the first forum of Synthetic Biology at the National Polytechnic Institute - Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Biotechnology (IPN - UPIBI ) on 7 and 8 August 2013 where we met various personalities of the field such as Dr. Augustino Martínez, MB José Antonio Pavón , Gerónimo Villanueva , Dr. Osvaldo Reséndiz and Dr. Pablo Padilla , and other IGEM teams . The UANL_Mty – Mexico’s iGEM team gave a presentation about what is iGEM and the challenges a team faces when they perform synthetic biology. We answered questions and encouraged young people to adventure into the Synthetic Biology field. We agreed to establish a permanent collaboration network with the IPN students.

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Collaboration with Copenhaguen Team

In collaboration with UNIK_Copenhagen iGEM team we conducted a video shown below.

[ UNIK_Copenhagen Wiki - Bricks Of Knowledge][ Youtube]

Collaboration with UGent and Paris Bettencourt Teams

In collaboration with UGent and Paris Bettencourt teams some surveys were filled because they were requesting it.

Collaboration with Genobiotec'13

In addition, we are in collaboration with the Student Association for Biotechnology and Genomics and organizing committee of the congress Genobiotec'13, in which topics of synthetic and systems biology will be presented, and the Synthetic Biology Tunnel will be exposed to the participants.

[ Genobiotec'13]

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