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Project Abstract and Title

Due August 30

Please provide ONE project title of up to 15 words and ONE project abstract of 100 to 150 words to be included in the Jamboree program. The program will include all team projects and abstracts and will be a way to communicate what each team's project is about.

How to submit your project abstract and title

Note: The submission process for project abstracts and titles has changed! Please submit your project abstract and title using the new online system.

   Log into your official team profile
   Under the "Title and Abstract" section, click on "Edit" above the gray box
   Enter your project title and abstract
   Basic formatting utilizing the  and  HTML tags can be used 

It is important that you submit your track selection on time, as the system will be closed on August 30.

Questions can be emailed to hq AT igem DOT org.