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Project Title: Aromatics busted


There exist various proteins which sense aromatic components and regulate the transcription of corresponding genes in prokaryotes, for example, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas putida. However, naturally(natural) existing bio-sensors have various limitations including limited detection range, expression of leakage and low response ratio. This year our team designs a series of aromatic sensors and uses related enzymes in metabolic pathways to increase detectable aromatic compounds. We modify and characterize several existing biosensors. We also design a tunable band-pass gene circuit, which enables E.coli containing certain sensor respond to a specific inductor concentration. Combining the method of gradient dilution, we can measure the concentration of aromatic components in a convenient way. In the long run, these bio-sensors and promoters enrich the inducible device library in synthetic biology.

Project Abstract and Title

Project Title: The Beast and its Achilles Heel®


Project Abstract: Since the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928, antibiotics have marked a major victory of mankind in the battle against infectious diseases. However, after 90 years, the antibiotics are now losing their old time glory: Bacteria acquire resistance against antibiotics and become unbridled. We must control the use of antibiotics, meanwhile, we need new antibiotics, which can suffiently eliminate the invaders without hurting the "good" bacteria. Therefore, c-di-AMP, an important, recently discovered signaling molecule in gram-positive bacteria, has come to our sight. Our project is to build a screening system targeting c-di-AMP, which could be applied in novel-drug screening. With this system, the level of c-di-AMP in the cell can be visualised and measured.