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Registration for iGEM 2013 is OPEN!

register now button

Registration requirements can be seen here.

Also, remember to read the iGEM Headquarters Welcome Letter to find out all about iGEM 2013.

Remember to check back here for news, updates, and information. As the competition season progresses, all information will be posted to this main page (

regular registration deadline

regular registration deadline

The deadline for regular registration is Monday April 15th, so be sure to register your team soon!

Be sure to read the Registration Handbook before completing the team registration form, and submitting your registration fee!

April 10, 2013

registration fees

registration fees

The regular registration fee is due April 15, so be sure to submit payment before then for the regular rate! Registration fees submitted after April 15 are subject to the increased rate.

Note: Teams should complete the registration form and submit their registration fee as soon as possible. Teams do not need approval prior to submitting payment.

April 1, 2013

partner offer: MathWorks

MathWorks partner offer

MathWorks is excited to be an iGEM partner! MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software, such as MATLAB, SimBiology and Bioinformatics toolbox. MathWorks will provide iGEM teams with complementary MathWorks software to help model, simulate and optimize your assemblies.

To learn more about the MathWorks partner offer, see the MathWorks Sponsor page.

March 19, 2013

iGEM 2013 registration is open!

iGEM 2013 registration!

Team Registration for iGEM 2013 Collegiate division is now open!

iGEM Headquarters has been working hard since the end of last season. Read all about the iGEM 2013 updates in our Welcome Letter to the iGEM Community.

Submit your registration fees here and be sure to read the requirements for participation this year.

March 6, 2013

project ideas

brainstorming project ideas

Need some ideas for your team project? Check out the projects from 2012, 2011, 2010, and other previous years!

You can also browse a database created by team members from UANL and University of Washington!

January 18, 2013

Registry Help pages

Registry Help pages

Eager to get started? You can learn about the concepts behind the idea "assembly based on standard parts", 3A Assembly, and more on the Registry Help pages in the "Learn" section!

As the season progresses, be sure to check out the other sections within the Help pages before you make parts, as you navigate the Registry, and begin labwork!

January 14, 2013

Start a Team

iGEM 2013!

Can't wait for iGEM 2013? Check out the Start A Team page for information on how to start a team at your school!

January 4, 2013