Student Members

Alica Emhardt

Alica is our medicine and musician talent. She proved her great acting and singing skills in our music video “Permanently singing our CRISPR song". You can see her delighted commitment to human practices on the pictures of the science fair in Freiburg. She is always very busy, but nevertheless she spreads good mood in the laboratory.
Alina Rudorf

Cell culture grandmaster Alina treats all our cells with that special kind of care. No matter if HEKs, CHOs or HeLas, one can always rely on her cells to be in the right density for seeding. She acquired sponsors for serological pipettes and cell culture. Due to her calm nature it’s very pleasant to work with Alina, who is always chic come hell or high water. :-P
Anne Müller

Through Anne‘s veins runs real tradeswoman‘s blood. She`s very good at gaining excellent sponsoring arrangements. Among many other things, she organized lab chairs and software licenses. In the lab she is prominent for her great cloning skills. Even in tense situations she keeps smiling and stays positive.
Fenja Gawlas

Fenja has a very open and direct personality, which makes her an ideal candidate to call things by their right names and help the team think in new ways. Additionally, she is our sponsoring and mini prep queen and organizes jamboree accommodations in every requested language. She keeps track of our expenses, but also has a creative streak when illustrating the team photos or Princess CRISPR.
Christoph Gäbelein

Christoph (“Gabi”) is not only our barbecue expert; he also manages to work on several projects at once and still stays relaxed and easygoing. He has a high success rate at Gibson cloning and knows everything about light-inducible systems and their potential role in our project. Besides his wet lab activities, he was involved in our successful sponsoring.
Ilona Blank

Short time after Ilona joined us in the lab, our coordination increased by 200%: Suddenly and all over the lab, plans and calendars appeared. But she did not only push the efficiency of our team, she also has a talent for photography as you can see at all the pictures here! This talent appears especially, when she's capturing our lab time!
Lisa Schmunk

Lisa managed to work on several projects at the same time. She’s so committed that she will get bacteria plates out of the incubator at 2 am. Almost every project she works on is a success, not only because she works very diligently, but she has great knowledge. While it’s always nice to work with Lisa, she’s fun to hang out with, too! Besides, she gained another famous title: Lady Minigolf, Duchess of Frankfurt.
Manuel Scheidmann

If you hear a loud WOOTWOOT, Manu can´t be too far away. Always working at the front line when it comes to activation systems and partying. Besides wet lab, he was involved in our successful sponsoring. If Manu is not in the lab, you will probably find him on the beach-volleyball court. NICE!
Maximilian Stammnitz

If Max could choose his personal hero, it would probably be a mixture of Steven Spielberg, George Church, John F. Kennedy and Michael Jackson. Also called “The Robocop”, Max is our Film Director, idealist and has got fine dancing moves while wearing fancy hats. He is also committed in politics and met with local parties. His main research focus lies on KRAB-mediated gene repression with Cas9 - naming him after Mr. KRABs.
Michael Agne

Michi is the most organized and tidiest person in our team. If something has to be handled with great care, Michi is the man for it. He manages our money and is Master of Finances. During the lab work he gained another titel: Lord van Gibson (He also achieved the biggest DNA yield after gel extraction.). Without him, we would permanently run out of buffers, working stocks and competent cells. Furthermore, he turned out to be a highly gifted dancer and taught us dancing.
Nadine Gillich

Nadine is the person you should always have in mind! It was her who never caved in and at last wrestled Cas9 down to standardize it well. If you ever are in trouble with a cloning strategy or need a mutation somewhere - just ask her. Moreover, she is our ballroom queen and taught us dancing in the minutest details.
Natalie Louis

Natalie is always honest and puts her foot down, if things have to be done. She’s the one who takes care of deadlines and requirements. She’s not only a very reliable lab partner but also one of our Gibson and cloning professionals. Natalie is the shortest person in our team! Besides the lab work, you always have something to laugh with her (e.g. she named a plasmid “pIGStefanisSuper”) and she put a lot of effort into human practice.
Patrick Gonschorek

Patrick is our primer designer. He thinks as fast as lightning and it`s always a pleasure to watch this genius at work! Even at 3 o`clock in the morning he starts cloning theoretically. Furthermore, he dedicated a lot of his attention to our posters and presentation, where he makes use of his great modeling skills.
Philipp Schwenk

Wooow?! What was this?! Was it a phoenix? Was it a firebolt? No! It was Philipp Schwenk! He is the hero of the night. The ginger lantern. The protector of epigenetic histone-modification! Philipp is a highly empathetic person, who often stands out for his mediator-skills. He helps where he can and has always worthwhile hints for you! His weakness is his bad memory for names. His greatest power: pushing the niveau to unknown depth, never seen by humans before...
Philipp Warmer

Always dressed well, he is a real gentleman and our Duke of ELISA. He managed the truncation of our Cas9. Additionally, he is a kind of mysterious wizard, who somehow involved unicorns as a central component of our project. Furthermore, he participated in the last year’s iGEM team and could give us good advice on further gene regulation tools.
Stefan Krämer

Stefan is our man for everything. He deserves the Chuck-Norris-quality seal! It doesn’t matter if you want something organized or you need somebody to juggle pelleus balls, you should contact Stefan. Also, when you’re not sure about any cloning or lab method you can rely on his creative advises. Even programming is not a problem to him. He keeps the lab tidy while being in a good mood, you will find him singing, clanging, terribly cursing and sometimes fooling around.
Thomas Juretschke

He’s the most eloquent person in our lab and though he tends to beating around the bush. When he is speaking Spanish, you can imagine him as a real “latin lover”. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to disturb his stoical good mood. That is especially advantageous when he comes to moderating our sessions and manages to calm down emotionally heated debates. And also his public activities are definitively worth mentioning - be it in public schools or on the streets.
Lisa Schäfer

If you have any questions concerning modeling or computers and if you have ideas for the homepage and want them to be realized, ask Lisa. She is the major IT-force of our team and will do her best in programming all the fancy and odd imaginations the team comes up with.

Advisors and Instructors

Hanna Wagner

When having questions about cloning - you should ask Hanna. Be sure, she will always have another strategy that will work with your plasmids! In performing Gibson cloning, she outstrips all of our attempts. It’s the greatest pleasure for her, when we report on successful experiments based on her advices. Furthermore, she is gifted with an extraordinary talent in painting unicorns.
Adrian Fischer

Count Adrian as an open ear for our laboratory and non-laboratory related problems. He is not only an expert in cell culture, but also a very empathetic person. He knows when it`s time to come clear and wake up the whole team. Here, his manner of speaking is worthwhile to mention. PUNKT! Next, we were always benefitting from his 24/7 attendance and would have been stranded if he hadn‘t been able to conjure some HEKs out of some unknown incubators…
Beate Kaufmann

Bea is also a former member of the iGEM team of 2010. Thus, we always benefit from her experiences, especially when they differ from Adrian`s opinion. She is very ambitious and gives constructive suggestions. She connected us with iGEM team TU München, so we organized a barbecue in Freiburg in August. One of her striking features: she wears sunglasses at night. Then, it’s even harder to know what she thinks!
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Weber

Wilfried Weber supports us not only with fancy ideas but also with his experimental experience and lab equipment. We were always welcome in his lab group and could always ask for help.
It was very helpful to get his appraisals, if our project ideas were practicable. And no matter what is happening you'll see him smiling... :-)
Prof. Dr. Gerald Radziwill

Gerald Radziwill is our PI. His support concerning any open questions or tasks is essential for our project. He enabled the participation of our team and always has an open ear for problems whether it concerns experimental procedures, cell culture handling or safety.


Hannes Beyer

Hannes supported us with very helpful advice concerning experiment planning for controlling our system via light and for spatiotemporal light induction in our uniBOX. He also provided us with cells. That was especially great when we needed to expand our cell culture after the Lyon Jamboree.
Konrad Müller

Without Konrads experience in light experiments we would have had a hard time to get these systems running. With his support spatiotemporal light induction in our uniBOX finally worked.
Desiree Hövermann

Desiree was our expert for the (d)Cas9 ELISA. She helped us to develop and optimize the uniBAss and it was very helpful to discuss our project with her.
Maximilian Hörner

Maximilian supported us in concerns of hormone induced nuclear localization of our Cas9 and helped us in discussions over our project.
Patrick Schindler

Patrick is the quiet giant, who always reminds us to consider certain aspects from a different angle. Due to his deep voice, his advices are even given more importance. Our team benefits from his experience as he also participated in iGEM 2010. Furthermore, he is known for organizing big board game parties!


Princess CRISPR

From uniCAS to uniCORN... We cannot exactly determine when Princess CRISPR joined our team, but since then our scientific work has become more majestic and magical.