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High School iGEM


Two members of the UCL iGEM team volunteered as advisors to the UCL Academy iGEM team – Ruxi [link to Ruxi’s profile] and KhaiCheng [link to KC’s profile], under the guidance of Aurelija Grigonyte, a member of the UCL iGEM 2012 team. During the high school team’s brainstorming process, we provided them with guidance and resources for their research. We also supervised their lab work in the UCL Biochemical Engineering department []

UCL is the first university in the UK to be the sole sponsor of an academy – a non-selective mixed state school in our home borough of Camden. UCL Academy represents a unique opportunity to blur the boundaries between secondary and higher education.

The academy is one of the first UK high schools to participate in iGEM this year, and is the only UK team so far to have attended the High School iGEM Jamboree [] at MIT, Boston. The team aimed to revolutionise the recycling industry by proposing a home system that converts cellulose into glucose, allowing the up-cycling of paper into a commercial product of bioplastic - polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB)

For information about their iGEM project, check out their wiki here