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And all of our sponsors:</li>
And all of our sponsors:</li>
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</ul><br /><br />
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What we did:

  • Wet lab work
  • Conceptual and experimental design
  • Wiki and graphic design
  • Photography, figures and modeling
  • The Depot development
and analysis of all of the data we generated with some help from our advisors.

Special thanks to:

  • Dr. Justin Gallivan and Dr. Yohei Yokobayashi for advice on riboswitches
  • The Tagkopoulos Lab and the Segal Lab for providing us with the DNA for our TAL repressors
  • Dr. Bertram Ludaescher, Sven Koehler, Anandarup Sarkar for advising in the design and implementation process of The Depot.
  • Hector Garcia Martin for insight and direction from his work with JBEI's experimental data.
  • Linh Viet Huynh of the Tagkopoulos Lab for looking over our modeling
  • Keegan Owsley, a past UC Davis iGEMer, for allowing us to use his 3D plotting software KO3D seen on our data page.
  • And all of our sponsors:

We could not have done it without all of you. Thank you!