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Human Practices

BioBrick Characterization Data Depot

Sharing is what makes us human, but as synthetic biologists, how can we improve the ways we share with each other? Find out more at the Data Depot


  • Provided DNA extractions for E.coli expressing RFP for the biotechnology class at Davis Senior High School
  • Hosted the NorCal iGEM team meet-up at UC Davis with the UC Berkeley, UCSF and Stanford-Brown teams attending
  • Met with a fellow student to discuss the creation of a Synthetic Biology Club at UC Davis

Project Background

Learn about how we combine riboswitches and TAL's into robust orthogonal mechanisms for inducible repression.


Check out the cool results of our experiments with RiboTALs.

Human Practices

Take a look at how we designed a new database for better raw data characterization of Biobricks.

Judging Criteria

Here's the criteria that we met for this year's team.