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We tried to work together on each aspect of the project, however each of us had a specific task to facilitate the work.


B. fruity starts from an initial idea of Caterina and was further developed and implemented by the entire team

Ethylene measurements

Thomas with the help of Damiano Avi in the physics dept.


Michele, Caterina and Gabriele. Michele with the help of Marco Scapinello and Damiano Avi for characterisation by GC-FID.

Blue light subteam

Fabio, Bruno, Caterina

Bacillus subteam

Viola, Emil


Everybody cloned at least 1 or more biobricks, however our cloning queen was Caterina.

Fruit tests

Bruno, Thomas, Michele

Wiki page

Wiki master: Gabriele
Graphics: Gabriele, Fabio and Thomas
Plots: Bruno
Contents: all team members

Human Resources


Vending machine

Fabio with the graphical help of Angelo Digiacomo

Logo and T-shirts

Fabio e Viola


Cristina Del Bianco , Sheref Mansy and Olivier Jousson helped us during our brainstorming and were available in the summer for consultation. Cristina was our main contact for support, including an exciting Synbio/iGEM training course! Paola Torre helped with lab protocol procedures. Rossella Tomazzolli, Margherita Kos and Matteo Grott ensured a fantastic laboratory space. The laboratory of XX (link) of the University of Trento for access to all gas chromatography equipment. Damiano Avi and Marco Scapinello for help troubleshooting the protocol for ethylene and MeSA detection. Compression tests on fruit were done in the department of engineering (laboratory of polymers and compounds, prof. Amabile Penati) under the supervision of Andrea Dorigato. Colorimetric assays on fruit were done in the department of engineering (laboratory of supercritic fluids, Sara Spilimbergo) under the supervision of Giovanna Ferrentino Angelo Digiacomo helped us with the graphical design of B. fruity vending machine.

We would like also to thank:

the Centre for Integrative Biology and prof. Alessandro Quattrone for providing materials and access to instrumentation. The Mansy lab for sharing materials and protocols. Graziano Guella and Ines Mancini for helpful chemistry suggestions. Marzia Filippi, from the Safety office, for revising our safety measurements. LMU Munich iGEM team 2012 and prof. Mascher for sending us Bacillus subtilis plasmids The laboratory of Dr. W. Winkler at the University of Maryland and the Groeningen iGEM team 2013 for sharing Bacillus subtilis protocols. Michele Forlin for modelling advices. Michele Forlin and Fabio Chizzolini for being such great teaching assistants during the Spring.