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Human Practice One day with Saverio Tommasi

We had the pleasure to entertain in our lab for one day Saverio Tommasi: a giornalist, blogger, opinionist. Saverio contacted us through facebook because he was interested in documenting the life of young scientists in Italy. He observed and filmed with great interest our work and decided to tell the story of our project and the spirit of the iGEM competition in a reportage which will be released soon on the blog We explained to Saverio the importance of Synthetic Biology and scientific research in general and we hope that this video will help people to approach the beautiful world of science.

Margherita: Future iGEMers grow up During the summer we had the pleasure to host for two weeks Margherita, an enthusiastic student from a High School in Trento where she is going to attend her fourth year. We introduced her to the wonders of synthetic biology and she completely understood the spirit of the iGEM competition. In particular, in these two intense weeks that we spent together, she had the possibility to see how IGEMers life is and to discover the world of biology. Day by day she discovered her passion for synthetic biology and, after some lessons, she was able to design and build her fist biobrick: pLac with amilCP. Unfortunately we discovered too late that the amilCP part that we used (BBa_K59009) didn't have a ribosomal binding site. Moreover, we discussed with her about some parts of our project and she was able to give precious advices on the project with her different point of view. In conclusion it was a great experience and a great opportunity for both the team and Margherita. A few weeks later we received a beautiful present from her: she made our logo with playdoh!
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