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<span class="title">Michele Pedrotti</span>
<span class="title">Michele Pedrotti</span>

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Bruno Aor

Nickname: Brunoide

Description: A swimmer and tango dancer with a passion for the worst "tunz tunz" music. He is a die hard fan of Star Wars and the only woman that he truly loves is his motorcycle "Alice".

Skills: The MacGyver of biology, he built the Ripenator with only an hairpin and some chewing gum.

Favourite fruite: Allergic to all fruit.

Epic fail: He used 5 µl of Phusion DNApol for each PCR (the most expensive protocol ever...)

Fabio Digiacomo

Nickname: Fabius

Description: The american guy nostalgic for the 90's stars like Britney Spears. He is trying to create a blue light LED disco in the Lab.

Skills: He could sell a comb to Vin Diesel! Our Vending Machine and designer, with a Master in Paint Programmation!

Favourite fruite: Strawberry.

Epic fail: He put the transformed cells at 0°C instead of 37°C.

Gabriele Girelli

Nickname: Gire

Description: The king of the notebook (he changes this page at least 3 times a day)!

Skills: Computer programming have no more secrets for him and for his lovely cat (it is called Dylan, Dylan Cat, by the way…). He is the chief of the wiki and the father of SAM synthetase.

Favourite fruite: Melon.

Epic fail: Prepared the Petri plates with very little LB-agar and all the cells starved to death ( sooo sad D: ).

Caterina Marchioretti

Nickname: Katekillah

Description: Loves working with pipettes and listening to every kind of bad music. She is passionate for politics as for science.

Skills: The guardian angel of the team. She is always present for advice and to comfort everyone who has failed. We are not able to list all the things that she has done in the lab because from the early beginning she was working as a crazy monkey!

Favourite fruite: Peach.

Epic fail: She prepared one litre of LB-agar instead of LB...

Michele Pedrotti

Nickname: Pedro

Description: The philosopher and animal party guy with many energies and existential problems! In every dread of him you can find many cool ideas and some B. fruity.

Skills: He gladdens the lab with reggae music and pearls of wisdom during the most difficult days. He can stay awake for many days to make experiments and characterisations.

Favourite fruite: Watermelon.

Epic fail: Tried to elute a few grams of salicylic acid in a very small volume of water.

Thomas Perli

Nickname: Xli

Description: The sporty man able to run faster than DNA during the electrophoresis. He had a great disappointment when we abandoned our project E. Trippy but with his onnipresence he saved the team more than once!

Skills: With his decrepit Mac he is still able to design primers! Our electrical engineering, snowboarder, and ethylene expert!

Favourite fruite: Tomato.

Epic fail: Added the wrong sequencing primer.

Emil Tonon

Nickname: ET

Description: A guy with many skills among them SINGING! A little bit hypochondriac so: don’t drink ethidium bromide in his presence! Just kidding, of course.

Skills: 10Tb of memory: Emil is the big boss of the knowledge! He passes many hours in lab with his baby Bacillus and tells them stories about dinosaurs and the origins of life.

Favourite fruite: "Stark delicious" apple.

Epic fail: He induced with IPTG the xilose-inducible promoter.

Viola Valentini

Nickname: Birubiru

Description: The flower of the team, she became a superstar after her first video on youtube “Zozzoni”.

Skills: She is always cheerful and positive and she surely will become a loving mother, as we have seen in these few months with her baby bacillus.

Favourite fruite: Cherry.

Epic fail: She put the transformed cells with the only copy of the plasmid for Bacillus that we have in the shaker, without LB...