Atoms Turkiye view human practice as an avenue to serve mankind. The new sublime rule, Novel Approach enforced us to deeply question what it is that be should done to form a connection between our project and humanity on the long run. Besides accomplishing the classical outreach methods as a form of human practice, we have developed a triple thriller called SynPhilo, SynArt and SynSafe. Our aim is to open a new window for our generation which will enable them to look at creation and synthetic biology through unique perspectives such as philosophy and art.

Novel Approaches

  • SynPhilo: A bridge connecting philosophy to Synthetic Biology
  • SynArt: A different perspective to Synthetic Biology.
  • SynSafe: A unique route to enhancing Safety.
  • Game: A chance to live the journeys of a cancer and a normal cell.
  • High School: First Runner up: AUC Turkey. An invaluable result.
  • Outreach: Tha classical with the worthy.