100 years ago our ancestors invented laboratories to ease the observation of creation; to enhance our knowledge and develop for the better so a new renascence began. Today, SynArt may introduce a second renascence where science will work together as one wit art. ATOMS Turkiye believe that laboratories may be unsatisfactory to fathom creation itself. For this reason, SynArt will allow us to perceive synthetic biology from an artist’s standpoint. In order to take the first step, we contacted the other European iGEM teams and invited them to send their valuable artworks for the 2-day SynArt exhibition that was held in our university. We asked what the viewers’ interpretations were and their choice of favourite.

  • Imperial College
  • UCL
  • Grenoble
  • Edinburgh
  • York

Below the photos are the names of the teams that have sent us their work with an explanation of what it is. You can also view our gallery of the exhibition event.