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Killer Red

Figure 1: Phototoxicity of KillerRed and mRFP1 (<partinfo>BBa_E1010</partinfo>) on E. coli XL10 by irradiating with a HBO100 lamp (includes 375 nm LP filter) for 5 hours.

KillerRed's phototoxic effect on E. coli XL10 is shown in Figure 1.
RFP 114% ± 20% (viable cells)/(Normalized RFU)
KillerRed: 53% ± 17% (viable cells)/(Normalized RFU)

Figure 1: Photobleaching curve of KillerRed with a HBO100 mercury-arc lamp

XL10 Ultracompetent cells were transformed with <partinfo>BBa_K1184000</partinfo> cloned with <partinfo>BBa_B0034</partinfo> as the RBS and <partinfo>BBa_R0010</partinfo> as the wild-type lac promoter and induced overnight with IPTG.The overnight was bleached for 180 minutes with HBO100 (100W Mercury-arc lamp). Fluorescence data was taken using a Tecan Safire II with the parameters shown in Table 1. Fluorescence Data is shown in Table 2.