Laborplan Pre-project

  • prepare ACM (1,5L + 0,5L (mit Agar)) Phytogel(NOT with Agar)
  • reactivation solution (without agar)
  • 0,5% agarose solution with ACM (maybe water) with 10mM AuCl3
  • purification
    • HP 20 resin-beads: the Delftibactin attaches to the resin
    • Methanol dissolves the Delftibactin, afterwards dry (rotary vacuum)
    • resuspend it (in 2ml)

Motivation for Proposal (discussed with Tim & Tinka)

  • central idea: NRPS (gold is the application)
  • Weighing not clear
  • start with gold
  • Structure: Application = Framework
  • Main part: relevance of NRPS
  • generally more elaborate (not too much details)
  • more numbers (tons of gld recycled)
  • more structure
  • why this pathway for gold precipitation and not another one
  • don't use might or may
  • softwareproject: how important is it for the gold?? why is it important??? judgement
  • Trends of IGEM: no NRPS so far, thus new project for IGEM -> helps students and scientist in finding trends, etc...

3. Podiums discussion 27.6.13

  • 18.00 talk about synthetic biology
  • 18.30 discussion
  • church, politics, scientists, NGOs(?) - 5 people
  • Prof. Tanner
  • first of all: make a concept with our goal
  • catering afterwards (sponsoring)


  • BACs
  • amplify genes via PCR (Problem, same Codons for E.coli and D.acidovorans)
  • maybe not optimal codons
  • Synthesis is not possible
  • Biobrickstandard: separation in 1 Kb sequenzes
  • first plasmids with one protein each
  • then plasmids with multiple proteins
  • and another try with whole pathway (BAC)
  • now we need to find experts and ask them for help