• responsible persons?? Anja, Tania
  • A brainstorming session would be good
  • we are sure that wwe want it simple but the motto philosopher stone
  • explain logo on the wiki
  • every project has ONE object from the logo
  • Höhlenmalerei was an idea
  • maybe two possible ways to get to the wiki

software NRPS

  • visualize an overview of project (structure)
  • what is already done?
  • what is to do?
  • linker discussion
  • there are more than 500 monomer
  • one module consists in different domains

Agenda for the next meeting (19.07.2013)

  1. Organisation (Hanna)
  2. cooperation with Freiburg (Sophie)
  3. sponsoring
  4. software-NRPS (Konrad & Software)
  5. Lab-work
  6. human practices (slight)

to do

  • wiki design
  • human practices
  • organisation of team:
    • list of protocol writers,
    • for every detail there has to be defined a responsible person
  • doodle for concept day