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Trojan Horse

2nd July

Aude and Vincent

glycerol stock

from overnight culture of MG1655-6300 O/N : T001

  • Centrifuge 4000rpm, 10 minutes,

  • take out liquid

  • resuspend cells in 1mL glycerol, 2mL LB

  • separate in two cryotubes, one for the -80°C, one for the -20°C


- making MG1655-6300 competent (Aude’s protocol for electrocompetent cells & electroporation [ref needed])

- test of the competent cells (negative

-transforming with pCOLADuet-1 : Ec2 =>

-transforming with pACYCDuet-1 : Ec2 =>

- plating 3 different quantity of cells (20ul, 50uL, 100uL) respectively on Cm and Kan plates (dilution 1000x for the antibiotics)