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Trojan Horse

17th July


Redsign of Primers

Design primers to PCR KanR out of Duet and LacZalpha out of pUC18 to then clone them into the DUET containing Chloramphenicol

Geneious files in the dropbox: LacZ primers, KanR primers

Clovis and Anne

Liquid Cultures (for Miniprep)

7ml LB with proper antibiotics

adding: 1) NEB with pUC18 (AmpR)

2) sT002 : MG1655 pCOLADuet-1 (KanR)

3) sT003 : MG1655 pACYCDuet-1 (ChlaR)

Cultivate over night in the 37°C shaker


Check: GFP expressed as expected in ELS-41

Lauching O/N of ELS-41 and ELS-13 with Amp and Kan, respectively.


Lauching O/N of MGZ1 (Glycerol from lab upstairs) with Spec (500X)