Team:SydneyUni Australia/Scripts/team-gallery


window.addEvent('domready', function(){

 var transition = 'alternate';
 $$('input[name=transition]').addEvent('click', function(){ transition = this.value; });
 var slideAvailable = ['slide-left', 'slide-right', 'slide-top', 'slide-bottom', 'fade'];
 var slideTransition = function(){
     case 'alternate':
       if(! $defined(this.count)) this.count = -1;
       return slideAvailable[++this.count % slideAvailable.length];
     case 'random': return slideAvailable.getRandom();
     default: return transition;

 var slideshow = new BarackSlideshow('menu', 'pictures', 'loading', { transition: 'slide-left', auto: false});

// the example above is only fitting for this demo, since we let the user pick the transition and turn auto on/off // for most scenarios, it's only enough with: // new BarackSlideshow('menu', 'pictures', 'loading', {transition: '<transition here>', auto: true}); // transitions can be 'slide-left', 'slide-right', 'slide-top', 'slide-bottom', 'fade' });