{ "date" : "2013-06-19", "author" : "thomas-viola", "title" : "Minipreps and screening of EFE (in pSB1C3) and AraCpBAD", "content" : "Starting from the inocula of yesterday, we did minipreps followingthis protocol.

Quantification results
EFE in pSB1C3ng/ulAraCpBADng/ul
1:4 n°1552,11285,0
1:4 n°2482,02311,5
1:4 n°3558,93446,8
1:2 n°1779,64404,8
1:2 n°2376,15442,6
1:1 n°1359,6
1:1 n°2501,6
As you can see we obtained a set of very high concentrations. We proceeded then with the screening test. To do that we digested 900 ng of DNA with EcorI and PstI following this protocol. In the end we prepared the sample for an electrophoresis analysis.As you can see from the image, al the AraCpBAD samples (on the right of the ladder) were confirmed and 4 out of 7 of EFE were confirmed too..So we have our second Biobrick! EFE in pSB1C3!", "tags" : "EFE-AraCpBAD" }