{ "date" : "2013-06-20", "author" : "fabio-bruno", "title" : "bacillus subtilis promoters and plasmids (part 5)!!", "content" : " OOPS… I DID IT AGAIN!!! Yesterday’s screening was a total failure, so today we tried to screen K823000a and k143012b but unfortunately we chocked again, twice!! We made 2 different gels, with 2 different formulas (the first one with 1 % of agarose, the second one with 1,5 % and 100bp ladder, right for short parts). At the same time we failed to screen a bunch of new promoters miniprepped this morning from some overnight inocula: K823003, k823002, k143012 (all transformed in NEB5a)While attempting to screen those parts we transformed and plated NEB5a with k823000; K050901; K050904 and two new backbones for B.subtilis: K823024 (Pxil) and K823026 (Pspac).", "tags" : "Pveg-PliaG-PlepA-plasmidPxil-plasmidPspac" }