{"date" : "2013-07-23","author" : "fabio","title" : " the blue ligation: the never ending story !","content" : " this morning I added Sap to the 016 digestion and dPnl to the other two, then I purified them and quantified'em:
O16: 29,8 ng/ul
006: 16,2 ng/ul
R0010: 6,1 ng/ul
Then I started the ligation following the ligation protocol: at the end of it, I transformed 10ul of the ligation in 200 Neb10b and plated.Meanwhile Bruno miniprepped k952003 inocula and the screening was successful!!","tags" : " YF1_FixJ - FixK2- ho1_PcyA_cph8-OmpR- YF1_FixJ_PfixK2_amilGFP "}