Team:UT Dallas/week12



<a name="h.apvntir168rk"></a>Innoculate        

<a name="h.167iae4xs6ns"></a>i5-68-6 (pFu-GFP)

<a name="h.dwe1hbv6lx9e"></a>i5-68-5 (pSCR-GFP)

<a name="h.i22kq1uhp4bu"></a>i5-11-6 (pLac-GFP)

<a name="h.rj4fryqxltwi"></a>i5-37-3 (Spm-GFP)

<a name="h.fcnsty9q8dn9"></a>

<a name="h.yd34swks2dxz"></a>Transform and inoculate (NEB commercial/ chlora broth)

<a name="h.v6ssvnh2orgo"></a>i5-30-1 + i5-74-12 (pFru + GFP + cp-Fru) → 1

<a name="h.u5n29fldr3zn"></a>i5-68-5 + i5-74-13(pSCR-GFP + cp-SCR) → 2

<a name="h.cgzbo6617vfc"></a>i5-30-1 + i5-74-13 (pSCR +GFP + Cp-SCR) → 3

<a name="h.z2bwjtdyyahg"></a>i5-68-5 + i5-74-12 (pSCR-GFP + Cp-Fru) → 4

<a name="h.wg8yvt8wufyy"></a>

<a name="h.6i4jic6yslh2"></a>plated

<a name="h.3s44468ef0mw"></a>1. grew TNTC colonies

<a name="h.ljrp4w2w1oj5"></a>2. 0 colonies

<a name="h.wj72v3az0daa"></a>3. TNTC colonies

<a name="h.tvzqedpvbjq7"></a>4. TNTC colonies

<a name="h.arj8yhgfrzt4"></a>

<a name="h.qta8xpnfvqdy"></a>9/21

<a name="h.6qlb1pxtmw7q"></a>From 9/20, picked multiple colonies “Sections” ie 20-30 colonies per tube in hopes of picking up a statistical relevant amount

<a name="h.petybxh9n869"></a>1. i5-86-1 [pFru-GFP + Cp-RBS-Fru]

<a name="h.2zyfbuyyyge"></a>     i5-86-2

<a name="h.urleiixs0qhx"></a>     i5-86-3

<a name="h.qod4vj85pwqm"></a>2. i5-86-4 [pFru-GFP + Cp-RBS-SCR]

<a name="h.p6fgaa65gdvb"></a>     i5-86-5

<a name="h.w3sqa04ojqj"></a>     i5-86-7

<a name="h.l6twupy73w0w"></a>3. i5-86-7 [pSCR-GFP + Cp-RBS-Fru]

<a name="h.jtffakb6gk97"></a>     i5-86-8

<a name="h.twzh5wjx4s9q"></a>     i5-86-9

<a name="h.v9r67zjfpqkm"></a>

<a name="h.ny9e7c4t7f4h"></a>Redo of Transformation of 2 from 9/20 (NEB commercial cells + chlora)

<a name="h.7xyi6rx4gj8w"></a>i5-68-5 + i5-74-13 → (pSCR-GFP + Cp-SCR)

<a name="h.yjh4rjc9iuk"></a>

<a name="h.x8rvuldqcb43"></a>Redo of inoculation from 9/20

<a name="h.571bh458sd7h"></a>i5-30-1 (pFu-GFP)

<a name="h.fyu4451dkxbr"></a>i5-30-9 (pSCR-GFP)

<a name="h.234qs9u7nt21"></a>i5-11-6 (plac-GFP)

<a name="h.sfka4f35ef6v"></a>i5-37-3 (Cp-GFP)