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Team Member

Our Team

Hello world, we are 2013 iGEM WHU-China.
We are the third team of Wuhan University attending iGEM jamboree. Of course, it is great to have a good tradition here, the senior team member lead us to this amazing field of synthetic biology and give us tremendous help either in experiment or other parts of this match.
What is more important is that we combine those with our novel ideas, passion and efforts. Every time when we carry out a brain storm, when we debate for a better solution or when we do experiment throughout the whole night, fire are burning in our heart, because we know the world will be a little different, a little better by what we are doing.
From December 2012, we have passed 8 months. And steps never stop, even in the Spring Festival, meeting online kept our minds together. Although we have experienced the pains of member changing, everyone who loves this team devotes what he or she can.
Now it is the time for WHU-China to give you all a surprise.
And it is time for us to give a answer to ourselves!
Here we come.


Zhaoren HE | Senior in Biological Sciences
Zhaoren is, no doubt, the coolest man in the team. He is now focuses his attention in system modeling and metabolic engineering of bio-diesel. He loves traveling, thinking and exchanging ideas with different people. Before his internship in Texas A&M, he organized the daily operation of the team. He also serves as one of the major experiment designers, the major typing labor and the only modeling guy.

Hangxing JIA | Senior in Biological Sciences
Hangxing ( also called the Gibsoner, as he prepares all reagent for gibson himself) is the one of the most reliable guys in the team. He loves learning new knowledge and appreciate new thoughts, as well as long-distance running and bodybuilding. He is the experiment leader of our team. After Zhaoren, he leads the team with Lei Y. and Yang L.

Yang LIU | Senior in Biological Sciences
Yang is our funny and optimistic buddy, the “laughs producer”. He has participated in a molecular virology lab for more than two years. His skill in experiment is indispensable. He is also the lab manager and diplomatist, who tackles with issues with our funder and keeps the experiment run. He never let us down.

Lei YANG | Senior in Biological Sciences
Lei is an active cooperator in the team. Enlightened by diverse experiences in both academic and social activities, he appreciates any potential chance of team work. Although he needs to work solely on another project in his lab at the same time, he has contributed a lot to the project.

Yan ZENG| Senior in Biological Sciences
Yan is a the only bro minors in computer science in the team. He is now focusing on evolutionary genomics. He also boasts of having diverse knowledges in structural biology, neurobiology, programming, and artificial intelligence. He savors challenging and feed on obstacles. Without him, the website will never exist. Some of the early experiment is also designed by him.

Tong LIANG | Junior in Biological Sciences
Tong loves biology with full enthusiasm. She believes synthetic biology can not only make her self feel delighted, but also enable people to live better, which is always her dream. She takes life in her own hands, endeavor to shape it into my own liking and learn from it. In the project, seven early construct of double promoter were done by her.

Zhaoning WANG | Junior in Biological Sciences
Zhaoning is a little bit nerdy, at the first sight, but indeed a positive and active junior student. He is very amiable and humorous. He is also a true enthusiast of traditional Chinese music. Many of wet labs, say, the construction of dCas9 and gRNA vector, couldn’t be done without his help. He has also helped Yang to keep the lab organized during the summer.

Qin AN| Junior in Biological Sciences
As his dictum “Love E.coli, love life”, Qin enjoys his lab routine. Driven by his inherent curiosity, he is interested in many fields of biology. Combing biology with computer science and mathematics is his ultimate dream, which drive him to join the team. He is the multi-role player, who contributed to wet labs, wiki and out human practice.

El psy congroo!     (┌・ω・)┌

Linyi TANG | Senior in Biological Sciences
Linyi is the happiest girl in the word, as Zhaoren’s comment. She loves to be connected with friends. Spreading surprise and pleasure, she is the only one who knows how to draw in the team.. Working intensely with Zhaoren, she is the designer of the mascot, the website and the presentation.

Yao YANG | Junior Student of College of Chemistry and Molecular Science
Yao is the most active chemistry student we ever see, though he announced that he has a “slow pace of life”. His prime interest is computational biochemistry, as he keep talking about his idea about protein 3D modeling to everyone. Though his idea about the 3D model of Cas9 hasn’t been realized, he still actively helped Zhaoren on the enzyme kinetic problems. Yao also advertised iGEM to the sophomore and freshmen in Chemistry College.

Shaopeng LIU | Senior in Biological Sciences
Shaopeng loves historical events and traditional philosophy of China. He serves the team with his knowledge and experimental skills of microbiology. Taking back the greatest jester title from Yang is also one of his priority.

BO HUANG |Senior of School of Public Health
Bo shows his enthusiasm in Biology in this team he belongs to. In the long summer, he worked as an internship in hospital in the daytime, and then worked as an experimental assistant in the night.

Meng ZOU| senior student from Medical School
Meng joined the team even though her dormitory is far from the team’s lab, as she is fascinated by the idea of synthetic biology. Despite her busy internship in a hospital, she completed her part of experiment with great passion and took an active role in the team.

Jinhao Zou| Junior in Biological Sciences
Jinhao is the youngest girl in the team. She declared that she is blinded by “fantasy of synthetic biology”. We sincerely hope Zikou will help her to find her way back.. She designed the team T-shits and hoodies.

Siqing WANG| Junior in Biological Sciences
Siqing was absolutely a wonderful idea provider during the whole year. He contributed a lot to the early stage of brainstorming. And he keeps exploring the mysteries of the synthetic biology, full of enthusiasm.

Zikou LIU | Senior in Biological Sciences
Zikou is the “back black hand” (LOL) of the team, seldom showing up. He is now hiding in some corner of Australia, preparing for his evil plans of destroying the world...

Yupei WANG | Senior in Biological Sciences
Yupei is an energetic girl, enjoying everything that she is going on. She is occupied with experiments, organizing HP, making more approaches to the local firms for sponsorship and all kinds of meetings.
We are all so glad to work with her.

Yizhen ZHONG | Junior in Biological Sciences
Before entering the WHU-IGEM team, she attended a program about plant genetics. She did part of the experiments of the project during summer holiday. She participated in various extracurricular activities and likes rock music, basketball and reading. And she always keeps curious, never stop adventuring.


Zhixiong XIE
Our instructor, Dr. Xie, joined the microbiology department of college of life science in Wuhan University as docent starting in July, 1999 and as professor since 2007. His degree is BA in Biochemistry in Wuhan University (1991), followed by SM in Zoology and PhD in Genetics at Wuhan University (1996, 1999). And he had a post-doctoral experience in college of chemistry & molecular science (1999-2002), which made him hold comparable ranks in the interdiscipline of biology and chemistry. Professor Xie is a prominent and widely respected figure in the both microbial genetic transformation filed and intracellular quantum dots study. And as an instructor, he gave us a lot instructions on the determination of the final project and suggestions when we were in trouble while guaranteeing every freedom for us to think and to realize our design.
Furthermore, he was more like a loving father rather than just a cool-minded academic instructor. Everytime we came across, he would greet us happily and talk about the progress of our project, the situation of our in-class learning and the trouble of our daily life, always giving a hand when we are in need.
In a word, those who need help will always get help from Dr. Xie, both on academic and in personal life.

Jianbo WANG
Our instructor, Dr. Wang joined the Botany & Zoology department of college of life science in Wuhan University as teaching assistant in July, 1987, followed by docent starting in June, 1991 and as professor since 2000. His degree is BA, SM, and PhD in Biology in Wuhan University (1984, 1987, and 1996). Professor Wang is a prominent and widely respected figure in the plant reproduction and development biology. And in addition, as our dean, he is very erudite and resourceful, giving us many academic instructions on thesis establishment and defense.
Furthermore, he is one of the main financial backers for our project, making us less limited by economic problems during the project implementation.

Our instructor, Dr. Chen joined the virology department of college of life science in Wuhan University as associate professor in July, 2009, having moved from biotechnology research institute, the University of Helsinki, where he held the project of the mechanism of RNA virus’ RNA capping. His degree is BA in Biotechnology in Wuhan University (2003), followed by PhD in modern molecular virology in Wuhan University (2008). Doctor Chen’s research interests extends from SARS Coronavirus Nonstructural Protein nsp16, siRNA to the mechanism of RNA virus replication and transcription. Doctor Chen is a responsible and approachable teacher and he offered us a lot of constructive suggestions based on his rich experience in molecule cloning.