11 June 2013

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1. Amplified the samples extracted from the yesterday's gel with PCR
2. Runned the amplified dsDNAs on the gel (200V, 100mA)
3. Observed the gel under UV light and could see the bands for dsDNA (80bp each).
4. Made '''exonuclease digestion'''
Master mix for 8 reactions:
DNA sample: 40ul x 8
Lambda exonuclease buffer: 5ul x 8
Water: 4ul x 8
Lambda exonuclease: 1ul x 8
5. Mixed the reagents as presented in the table, vortexed.
6. Put 50ul of master mix into each of 8 PCR tubes
7. Put at PCR machine for exonuclease digestion (1h-37degC and 10min-72degC)
8. Made '''precipitation of digested DNA'''
9. Prepared protocol for introduing genes from the kit into the vectors