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Making nutrient agar plates and broth

  • Making up broth and agar solution to grow P. putida in.
  • For agar plates:
    • 9.2g of nutrient agar medium
    • 400ml of distilled water
  • For broth:
    • 3.2g of nutrient broth
    • 400ml of distilled water
  • Both were autoclaved for 45mins
  • Agar was poured onto 16 plates

Plating out bacteria

  • Freeze dried P. putida was rehydrated using 1ml of nutrient broth
  • The culture was aseptically transferred back into the broth containing tube
  • Mix
  • From that tube, colonies were streaked onto 6 plates and left to incubate over night at 30C

Growing bacteria in broth

  • 100ml of autoclaved broth was added to 2 flasks each
  • The broth tube, containing the bacteria, was divided between flasks
  • Flask were left to incubate at 30C on a shaker overnight