Campus map
Please follow the link in order to find the INSA campus map.
Check the campus map below to see the different locations.

Welcome and check in
Check-in for the jamboree will take place on Friday, October 11th starting with 4pm at the Double Mixte building. Team leaders will be handed over a team bag containing everything necessary from badges to meal tickets. Check in will end at 10pm.

Friday Night Practice Sessions
Rehearsal rooms are located in the Humanités Building. They will be open on Friday, October 11th between 5pm and 8pm. Each team will be able to reserve a time frame of 30 minutes within the aforementioned time interval. Online rehearsal room reservations are available here !

Opening ceremony
The Saturday Opening Ceremony will officially kick off the 2013 Europe Regional Jamboree! The opening ceremony will be held at the Double Mixte Building at 9:00am on Saturday October 12th, with breakfast starting at 8:00am. Be sure to attend, as we will also announce any new changes to the Jamboree and the events planned for the next few days.

There is a total of five presentation rooms located across the campus. Your team’s scheduled presentation time slot, session, and room have all been randomly assigned. The schedule for presentations is divided into 4 parallel sessions based on tracks.
If you are attending a presentation, please be courteous, stay for the whole session, and only leave the room during the scheduled breaks.
Each team has 20 minutes of presentation time, 5 minutes for questions and answers, and 5 minutes to switch with the next presenters. Please be sure to bring the necessary equipment for your presentation, such as your laptop, cables/adaptors, and power supply, as iGEM will not provide these.
Have a look at the schedule below to know where and when your team will be presenting.

Poster session
The Double Mixte will host the poster session on Saturday, October 12th between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.
Here are a few rules concerning the SIZE OF THE POSTERS . The posters must be 1189mm high and 841mm wide (Vertical AO format).

Right below you can see a photo of the type of frame which will be used during the session in order to display the posters. The frames have a height of 2m and a length of 1m.

iGEM from above
The traditional iGEM From Above photo will be taken at 11am on Sunday, October 13th, and for the first time in iGEM history, will be followed by the greatest "iGEMy" flashmob. Get ready by watching these videos.

Interpol Discussion
On Saturday evening, at 8:00pm, a discussion will be held about “The INTERPOL CBRNE Terrorism Prevention Programme and Operation SOMMET” (by Guy Collyer, Coordinator, and Ali Rached, Assistant Criminal Intelligence Analyst – Bioterrorism Prevention Unit – CBRNE Terrorism Prevention Programme – INTERPOL) at the Double Mixte along with the Poster Reception and dinner.

Closing ceremony
The closing ceremony will be held at the Double Mixte on Sunday, October 13th at 9:00am with a breakfast reception starting at 8:00am. Following this, the floor will be taken by iGEM HQ representatives and by Alain Mérieux, the founder of bioMérieux, our major private sponsor. Afterwards, the 3 finalists will have the opportunity to present their project in front of everybody between 9:30am and 11:00am. Finally, the jamboree will end with the Awards Ceremony from 12:15pm, which will be live streamed to the world.

  • Friday: dinner will be provided Le Galilée restaurant on campus from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (for those of you who will arrive later on Friday, lunch bags will be provided until 9 pm). Your team bag will also contain meal tickets.
  • Saturday: all the food will be provided at the Double Mixte (meals and coffee breaks).
  • Sunday: a brunch will be provided at the Double Mixte.
Vegan meals are foreseen, according to the requests during registration.

Special awards
The following prizes will be awarded by iGEM HQ:
  • Best Human Practices Advance (apply via Judging form)
  • Best BioBrick Measurement Approach (apply via Judging form)
  • Best Model (apply via Judging form)
  • Best New BioBrick Part, Natural
  • Best New BioBrick Device, Engineered
  • Best Software Tool
  • Best New Standard
  • Best Wiki
  • Best Poster
  • Best Presentation

Informal awards ceremony
The informal awards ceremony is a part of the Social Event that we are preparing for you! A prize will be given for each of the following categories: Best LOGO, VIDEO, TEAM PHOTO, T-SHIRT and GOODIES. Feel free to be as creative as you want since every team is nominated in all 5 categories!
If you want to be rewarded with a yummy surprise, please send us an email by indicating in the subject :
  • [LOGO] with your kickass logo (.jpg or .png files);
  • [TEAM] with your best team photo;
  • [T-SHIRT] with your t-shirt design;
  • [VIDEO] with either your awesome video or a link online where we can view and download the file.
Deadline : October 6th at midnight!!

As for the goodies, we'll check them out during the Jamboree (bribery is not prohibited...and actually warmly recommended).

Social event
After the poster session and dinner, a bus will bring you from the Double Mixte at 9:00 pm to the Social Event. You will be hosted on the Plateforme, a prestigious boat docked against the Rhône Riverbank. On the program: informal awards ceremony, DJ and dance floor, and a lot of entertainment in order to relax and have fun together until 2 am! So we highly encourage all iGEM participants to attend.

  • You must have your iGEM name badge and your entrance tickets in order to gain access to the social event.
  • Shuttle - buses will be available for you to go back to your hotel.

During the entire Jamboree, a lot of entertaining activities will be organized in order to have a great time: band, batucada and many more, will animate the entire Jamboree from your arrival to your departure.
And mainly, don’t forget to train for the Flash Mob with the choreography videos which are available here! We highly encourage all the iGEM participants to attend and thus create the most impressive iGEM Flash Mob !
You also must have heard about the "Meet Them All" activity proposed by the Grenoble-EMSE-LSU Team, you can find all necessary information and photos of the challenges on this page.