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! scope="row"| 7:30-8:00pm
! scope="row"| 7:30-8:00pm
| A6 || B6 || C6 || D6 || Manchester || F6 || G6 || TU-Delft || I6 || J6
| A6 || B6 || C6 || Paris_Bettencourt || Manchester || F6 || G6 || TU-Delft || I6 || J6

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Friday Night Practice Sessions

Please use this sign-up sheet to book a 30-minute time slot to practice your presentation. Pick up your favorite bacterium genus and appropriate time slot, log in with your user account and edit this wiki page.

Ten practice rooms will be available from 5pm to 8pm on Friday with 30-minute time slots. Every team should be able to fit in, but if you really don't have a choice and need to practice your presentation after 8pm or during a time slot that's already completed, we'll try to come up with something. Please contact us in case of need.

Every practice room will be equipped with a standard video projector. Please make sure to bring your own computer and appropriate cables to set things up.

And last but not least, we are pretty sure that you would not enjoy losing time when you get to the practice room and find out that you have to wait because the previous team is late on schedule, so be sure arrive and leave on time. Thank you.

Practice Rooms
Agrobacterium Bacillus Collimonas Dickeya Escherichia Fusobacter Gemminibacter Helicobacter Ignicoccus Jannaschia
5:00-5:30pm Braunschweig Newcastle C1 TU-Munich METU F1 G1 Leeds DTU-Denmark INSA Toulouse
5:30-6:00pm A2 B2 C2 KU_Leuven UGent F2 G2 H2 I2 J2
6:00-6:30pm A3 B3 Warsaw D3 Exeter F3 G3 H3 I3 J3
6:30-7:00pm A4 B4 C4 D4 BGU_Israel ATOMS-Turkiye G4 H4 I4 J4
7:00-7:30pm A5 B5 C5 D5 ETH Zurich F5 G5 Evry I5 Freiburg
7:30-8:00pm A6 B6 C6 Paris_Bettencourt Manchester F6 G6 TU-Delft I6 J6