Georgia State/28 May 2013


Group C:
Digest 2μL linker B and C with EcoRI and NheI.

  • Heat in activated for 20 minutes at 65°C.

Digest RFP samples 1-1, 2-1, 3-1 with BglII.

  • Ran on gel at 70V for 90 minutes.

Digest pGAPzα B and C miniprep with EcoRI and XbaI.

  • DNA precipitated resuspended in 50μL TE.
  • Ran on gel at 70 V for 90 minutes.

Ran gel at 70V for 90 minutes with samples loading in the following order:

  • 1kb + ladder, RFP 1-1, RFP 2-1, RFP 3-1, blank, pGAPzα B (3), blank, pGAPzα B (6), Blank, pGAPzα C (1), Blank, pGAPzα C (2).

Excised DNA from gel.