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Written Comments from Judges

The iGEM 2012 competition saw the introduction of a rubric and ballot system to help judges score teams consistently across all iGEM Regions. Our ballot allowed judges to learn the values of iGEM and score teams using aspects that encompass virtually all aspects of the performance of a team. We gave you numerical feedback with the average score from each of the judges. Feedback in this form was made available to you after the Regional Jamborees in 2013.

We like the numerical feedback, as it gives you a high-resolution of where you were strong and where you might have been weak. We added to this system in 2013 by allowing judges to also write comments to each team. We aim to have judge’s record things they like and constructive criticisms about your project. These comments were screened by several members of the head judging committee and added to your existing feedback page. You can access feedback by logging in and going to the feedback page.

Please note that, especially at the Regional Jamborees, judges are incredibly busy and don’t always have time to record written feedback. You may only have a few comments, but we are aiming to get them to you to help you improve in 2014.