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National Yang Ming University

\frac{d[mRNAPDC]}{dt}=\frac{ [T7]^{nT7} }{ KdT7^{nT7}+[T7]^{nY7} }\times{PoPST7}\times\frac{N}{V}-KdegmRNA\times[mRNAPDC]

\frac{d[mRNAADH]}{dt}=\frac{ [T7]^{nT7} }{ KdT7^{nT7}+[T7]^{nY7} }\times{PoPST7}\times\frac{N}{V}-KdegmRNA\times[mRNAADH]

In these two equations, the production rate of mRNAPDC and mRNAADH is composed of both synthesizing rate and degrading rate. \frac{ [T7]^{nT7} }{ KdT7^{nT7}+[T7]^{nY7} }\times{PoPST7}\times\frac{N}{V} represents how T7 polymerase influences promoter T7 on synthesizing mRNAPDC and mRNAADH;\frac{ [T7]^{nT7} }{ KdT7^{nT7}+[T7]^{nY7} } and\frac{ [T7]^{nT7} }{ KdT7^{nT7}+[T7]^{nY7} } represents the natural degrading rate of mRNAPDC and [mRNAADH].

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