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Practise Rooms

Book a practise room for your team!

Type the name of your university into the slot you wish to book and changes will be saved automatically

All rooms are in Hart House and fitted with projector and screen. Please bring you own laptop as these will not be provided.


Geocaching is a treasure-hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Players navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find a container hidden at that location. Join us for an hour or more of fun and compete for great prizes as you attempt to find clues hidden around campus to solve the mystery of an alien abduction!

see Comic

Those of you with smart phones can download a free app to turn your phone into a usable GPS device (see details below). We have tested and do not recommend using Google maps. If no one on your team has a smart phone we will have a limited number of GPS's for loan. A sign-up sheet to reserve one of these GPS's will be posted shortly. Please note you will need to supply valid credit card information as security against damage or loss. As this event will be held in the evening, we recommend you pack a flashlight and warm clothing. We will only have a limited supply of flashlights and will loan them with the GPS units. As this event is timed, you will need to visit us for sign-up at the reception to obtain your official answer sheet and start time even if you are using your smart phone for the event. Suggested time: 1 hour.

Instructions for Smart Phones

Android: Download and Install GPS Essentials Click on "Waypoints" in the app and click on your Andoid phone "menu" button. Select "Import" and import the attached file. Once the Waypoint file is loaded, go back to App main screen and click on "Google Maps". This will show all the waypoints with a google maps backdrop. You can navigate to waypoints, etc as you would in google maps. There are many other options you can manipulate in the App, be adventurous!

Apple: bTopoMaps is an iPhone app that can be used in a similar way to the android app described above.

If you cannot import the waypoints file, don't worry! The waypoints will be included on your handout and you should be able to manually enter them if necessary.

Reservation for GPS units

Type the name of your university into the slot you wish to book and changes will be saved automatically

Note: All loans of GPS units require a credit card at time of check-in. However, by downloading a free smart phone app you will not need to borrow one of these units to participate

Laser Graffiti

Want to light up your team name or project concept? Those old white boards at the Stata Center seeming same old, same old? Try laser graffiti! Using a laser pointer you will be able to draw from a palette of different colours and brush strokes right on a projection screen. All equipment for this event will be supplied and tutors will be available to assist you to render your ideas in light. When you are satisfied with your creation we'll photograph it for posterity and a panel of experts will judge your entry for clarity of concept and artistic merit. Prizes for the top designs will be given away after the poster session on Saturday! Suggested time: 30 min blocks from 6 pm to 11 pm


Reservation for Laser Graffiti Suite

Type the name of your university into the slot you wish to book and changes will be saved automatically

Note: Tutors will be available to assist you during this event but it will help if you think of what you might want to try drawing in advance!

NASA Workshop

From Extremophiles to Star Trek, The Role of Synthetic Biology in NASA's Mission

Dr. Lynn Rothschild, NASA Ames Research Center

The time has come to for NASA to exploit synthetic biology in pursuit of its missions, including aeronautics, earth science, astrobiology and most notably, human exploration. Conversely, NASA advances the fundamental technology of synthetic biology as no one else can because of its unique expertise in the origin of life and life in extreme environments, including the potential for alternate life forms. This enables unique, creative “game changing” advances. NASA’s requirement for minimizing upmass in flight will also drive the field toward miniaturization and automation. These drivers will greatly increase the utility of synthetic biology solutions for military, health in remote areas and commercial purposes. To this end, we have begun a program at NASA to explore the use of synthetic biology in NASA’s missions, particular space exploration.

Location:East Common Room, Hart House

Time 8 pm. - 9 pm.