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Future aspects: To carry on the work on the apoptosis module, there are a number of steps we would take in the immediate future and others that form part of our long term plan.

a.)Short term plans:

We will perform apoptotic effect of e4of4 and apoptin using alternative methods such as caspase 3 and annexin V.Because of these methods supporting certain data of apoptosis we will establish experimental results. It is important to, our success in vitro should carry in vivo. Herewith we will do experiment in vivo about apoptin and e4of4 act as a tumor killer. In order to improve our project, we will do modelling about time depending effect of apoptin and e4of4’s activity.

b.)Long term plans:

Apoptin and e4of4 secretion system will clon Nissle 1917 which non-pathogenic, probiotic strain of E.coli.thus we will treat colon cancer using probiotic yoghurt which contain engineered bacteria. In order to promote safety level we will express apoptin and e4of4 under inducible promoter. Therefore our constructs will secrete untill we’ll take inducing chemical such as arabinose contain nutrients. May be we’ll provide on-off switch.