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Having been through a happy period in Hong Kong, we get our certification to MIT. Every team worked so hard, and everybody are all so friendly. Of course it is important that we get a gold medal and the certification to go to American, but what really matters is what we saw, who we met, and what we had been through. The whole competition had become a great celebration for every member of iGEM and synthetic biology.

Before our team was founded, we heard that a great deal of energy and money has been consumed in fermentation to cool down the fermenter. There are almost 100,000,000 Yuan wasted every year all around China. So, we planned to design a chassis host which can work in higher temperature with the production of heat controlled.

We have extracted new heat shock proteins (HSPs) from thermophilic bacteria. Then we combine it with an RNA thermometer, letting the HSPs be translated at a suitable temperature to release the burden of the cell in its logarithmic phase.

BIT-China is founded in 28th Feb and our slogan is ‘for one green earth’. To settle the problem of energy consumption of cooling system in fermentation, we set up two artificial systems with the method of synthetic biology.

Coco, an outgoing guy, is a workaholic and his favorite food is LB.

Dr. Iloc is a nice man who likes to help bacteria.

E is a powerful electrical assistant created by Dr. Iloc.

Here is our team uniform:

We designed many souvenirs for our team. There will be a surprise waiting for you during the poster jamboree.

Scan this QR code and visit our wechat-public account:

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