Team:Biwako Nagahama/Safety


1. Please describe the chassis organism(s) you will be using for this project. If you will be using more than one chassis organism, provide information on each of them:

a.We have used Escherichia coli K12 with KM109 strain without any disease risk for humans.
b.The second type of organism used is Escherichia coli B strain (BL21(DE3) which do not have any disease risk for the humans.
c.The third type is Agrobacterium tumefadens C58 without any human disease risk.
All the used organisms belonged to the Risk Group 1.

2. Highest Risk Group Listed: 1

3. List and describe all new or modified coding regions you will be using in your project.

a.Our team had BBa_K1044000 extracted from Agrobactterium tumefaclens C58.
b.Similarly, we had BBa_K1044001 had extracted from Agrobactterium tumefaclens C58.
c.We used BBa_K1044002 extraced from sperm whale by the 'Eurofins Scientific in Japan.'

4.Do the biological materials used in your lab work pose any of the following risks?Please describe.

a.Risks to the safety and health of team members or others working in the lab?
No, all Escherichia coli strains have been used in molecular biology experiments.The Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain used in Our lab work has been used for transformation of plant cells,that was disarmed and showed no tumorigenicity on the plant,has no human toxicity.
b.Risks to the safety and health of thc general public,if released by design or by accident?
No,all bacteria used in our lab work have no human toxicity.
c.Risks to thc environment,if released by design or by accident?
No, all bacteria used in our lab work have no ecological toxicity because of a‖ Escherichia coli strains have no ability in nature and the strain of Agrobacterium tumefaciens is disarmed.
d.Risks to security through malicious misuse by individuals,groups,Or countries?
No.All bacteria used in our lab work have no human toxicity and all bacteria are stored in the freezer incubator that are not accessed by non‐ team members.

5.If your project moved from a small-scalc lab study to become widely used as a commercial/industrial product,what new risks might arise?

No.All bacteria have no human and ecological toxicity and similar bacteria showing degradation and synthesis activity of cellulose and so on are present in nature.