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3A Assembly Biwako-Nagahama original protocol


We succeeded in 3A Assembly using Linear Backbone from the Distribution Kit obtained from the iGEM Headquarter. But we could not succeeded in making 3A Assembly of the linear backbone taking reference of the Protocol of linear backbone found in the iGEM Homepage. So, we made our own 3A Assembly protocol suitable to our own lab environment that could increase the success rate of the experiment.

On discussing about the 3A Assembly with other participating teams, we found that other teams were not preparing their own protocol regarding 3A Assembly. We found that the 3A Assembly could be performed easily in the environment with certain restrictions. Because 3A Assembly is Assmbly method of the high probability not to need PCR and gel purification. So we tried to debug the available protocols and make our own protocols suitable to our own experimenting environment and help other teams with similar environment condition.


<iGEM Backborn(pSB1C3,pSB1K3,pSB11A3,pSB1T3) manufacture>

2×KODFx buffer・・・25μL


※1 SB-prep-3P-1・・・1.5μL

※2 SB-prep-2Ea・・・1.5μL


MilliQ H2O・・・10.0μL

Template[1~10ng/μL](pSB1C3 or pSB1K3 or pSB1T3 or pSB1A3)・・・1.0μL


ToYoBo KOD FX ※1,2 ↓ 94℃ 2min  ↓ 98℃ 10sec 58℃ 30sec 30cycles 68℃ 2min30sec  ↓ 10℃ ∞ ↓ <Electrophoresis> TE buffer 7μL PCR Sample 2μL 10×Loading buffer 1μL Total 10μL 0.7% Gel

No. Sample name Total 1 λ-HindⅢ 10 2 500bp DNA ladder 10 3 pSB1A3 10 4 pSB1K3 10 5 pSB1T3 10 6 pSB1C3 10

Contact Information:

Team Biwako Nagahama

Nagahama Institute of Bio Science and Technology

Nagahama City,Shiga Prefecture