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Results Summary

Below is a brief summary of our results from this summer. Each statement has a link shown in RED to the page(s) containing more information and detailed results.

      This summer, we created 63 new Level 0 Parts (32 prom, 12 5'UTR, 16 CDS, and 3 terminators), 14 new Destination Vectors, and 86 new Level 1 Transcriptional Units to the MoClo Library

      We have also updated the MoClo Kit to include 90 Level 0 Basic Parts and 21 Destination Vectors so teams next year can create devices containing up to 4 transcriptional units

      Using a state of the art BD LSRFortessa at the Center of Synthetic Biology here at Boston University, we have successfully characterized 64 Level 1 Transcriptional Units and 2 Level 2 Devices

      From this work, we will draft a proposal for a standardized flow cytometry protocol for future teams to utilize when testing devices containing fluorescent proteins in E. coli

      Working closely with the Purdue Biomakers team, we are designing a datasheet that will allow users to more easily share information and data within the iGEM community and beyond

      We have begun implementing a Java-based web tool to generate these data sheets