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Shawn Jin | Boston University '15

Shawn is a junior studying human physiology as part of the College of Health and Rehabilitation. He enjoys ballroom dancing and exploring Boston.


Devina Desai | Boston University '14

Devina is a senior studying biomedical engineering. In her free time she enjoys participating in weight-lifting competitions and dunking basketballs.


Jake Awtry | Boston University '16

Jake is a sophomore studying Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Chinese through the College of Arts and Sciences. In his free time he enjoys taking part in intramural soccer and basketball, reading, listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and exploring Boston.


Pooja Shah | Boston University '14

Pooja is a senior studying Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering. She enjoys spending her free time reading, watching Game of Thrones, and listening to music.


Thomas Lozanoski | Boston University '16

Thomas is a sophomore in Boston University's College of Engineering. While he is pursuing his degree in biomedical engineering, Thomas enjoys conducting research with Dr. Douglas Densmore's CIDAR lab. He has had previous research assistant positions at the University of Chicago's Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery under Dr. Justin Kline, and at Michigan State University as part of the HSHSP program with Dr. Marcos Dantus. Outside of his academic work, Thomas enjoys playing tennis, watching films, and finding good places to eat around Boston.


Advisers and Mentors

Traci Haddock | Team Advisor

Traci is a postdoctoral research associate in the Densmore laboratory at Boston University. Traci received her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Rhode Island in December of 2010 and joined the Densmore lab in January of 2011. This is the second year Traci has been the team adviser for BU's iGEM team. Outside of the lab, Traci enjoys traveling around New England and trying new restaurants in Boston with her BU colleagues.


Sonya Iverson | Team Mentor: Wet Lab

Sonya is a graduate student in the biological side of the Densmore lab. She received B.S. in Biotechnology from Montana State University in 2007 and worked as a technician and lab manager in a mouse transgenic lab before coming to BU. This is the second year she's been an iGEM mentor and has primarily been involved in teaching molecular biology methods and troubleshooting. Sonya spends her free time slacklining along the river and working on web design projects.


Evan Appleton | Team Mentor: Datasheet App

Evan is a graduate research assistant in the Densmore laboratory at Boston University. Evan received a BS in Biomedical Engineering and MS in Bioinformatics at BU ('10,'12) and is currently a PhD candidate in the Bioinformatics program. He has been providing mentoring to the students this summer for their data sheet app project. During his free time, he enjoys basketball, movies, live music and traveling.


Jenhan Tao | Team Mentor: Datasheet App

Jenhan is a software developer who has been working with the Densmore lab since 2011. He was involved in synthetic biology research at both UC Berkeley and Boson University while completing his undergraduate studies. Jenhan will be starting as a Ph.D student in the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology program at UC San Diego in Fall, 2013. As he continues his studies, Jenhan is interested in utilizing computational techniques to increase our capacity to understand biological complexity.


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