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Project design

Project design and planning was a combined effort of all team members supported by the two instructors Jonas Zantow and Tobias Unkauf.

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Lab Work

The lab work was conducted by the team members. The two instructors trained the team members in molecular techniques. The daily lab work was coordinated by Kerstin Kretschmer and Laura Schild. Daily attributions are given in the Lab Journal.
Lab music was provided by Tamashi Stereo CD Radio Cassette Recorder CD 158.

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Human Practices

The Communications guide was composed by Lara Ehemann.
The Nerd Nite presentation was prepared and held by Jan-Michael Blum, the school visit was planned by Jan-Michael Blum, Tabea Rook and Kevin Kramm.
Our video was designed by Melanie Philippi, Oliver Konzock and Anna Wronska.

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Wiki and Homepage

The Wiki was implemented and administered by Judith Mönch-Tegeder, the homepage by Oliver Konzock and Carsten Ludwig. Texts were written by all team members and revised by Lara Ehemann and Judith Mönch-Tegeder

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Public Relations

PR work was coordinated by Lara Ehemann, supported by Tobias Unkauf, Judith Mönch-Tegeder, Oliver Konzock and Anna Wronska.

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Funding acquisition activities were coordinated by Tobias Unkauf, Jonas Zantow and Jan-Michael Blum supported by Anna Wronska.

Our sponsors

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